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A small and compact grow light designed to give plant lovers the freedom to place their plants anywhere... without having to worry about sunlight!

🌱 PROVEN to revive ANY dying plant

🌞 Guaranteed to REPLACE sunlight for all of your houseplants

🪴 Integrates right into your plant display

💡 Say goodbye to ineffective, bulky grow lights



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Meet the quickest and most compact way to save any dying plant, anywhere in your home.

Our botany engineers have scientifically designed ThePlantHalo to quickly restore ANY plant's chlorophyll stores via a full spectrum array of LED light! Providing a quick recovery for any plant that can't get enough light from natural sources, keeping it healthy and alive for 3 times longer!

2 months later!

"This succulent is a perfect example of what theplanthalo can do! After just 2 months of consistent use, this succulent got it's shape & color back! It's STILL thriving to this day!"

Guaranteed to keep ANY plant healthy and alive for it's entire natural lifespan. ☀️

ThePlantHalo has been proven to support any houseplant that needs additional light, it's guaranteed to keep your plant baby alive, anywhere in your home!

It's the worlds most aesthetically pleasing grow light 🌱

Say goodbye to bulky, ineffective, and unsightly grow lights that make every visitor cringe. We designed ThePlantHalo to be the world's most beautiful grow light. Our nearly invisible acrylic stake provides support, while our ultra-thin array of LEDs provide unparalleled growing power throughout the entire day, while staying under the radar.

Compact, as any grow light should be. ✨

ThePlantHalo was designed to integrate directly into your plant collection, providing beauty and health to your little plant babies. Complete your dream plant array with ThePlantHalo!

15,000+ hours of rapid growth. ThePlantHalo is proven to last a (really) long time. ⏳

ThePlantHalo is thoughtfully designed to last the entirety of any plant's lifespan. It's guaranteed to provide a strong beam of luscious sunlight to your plant's canopy for 15,000 hours or longer.

vs The Others

"surely my amazon grow light is okay".....

think again....

Which color is right for me?

The halo comes in 2 different colors, sunshine yellow, and pink. It is important to know which color is best for your plants. Here's what we recommend!

PINK: Better for Succulents & Carnivorous plants
SUNSHINE YELLOW: Better for Foliage Plants & all other plants.

Over 80,000 houseplants saved to date. With over 25,000 ecstatic customers! 🌱

Over 25,000 plant lovers just like you have tried and thrived with ThePlantHalo! Over 80,000 houseplants have been saved from low sunlight! It'll save your plant babies too!

A 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Just For YOU.

If ThePlantHalo doesn't work out for you, simply send us an email with your concerns, and we'll send you your money back within 24 hours! No questions asked.

ThePlantHalo's Specifications

Halo Diameter: 3.25"

Cord Length: 36"

Stake Length: 10" (30" with extendable)

LED Count: 10 Full Spectrum LEDs

We've got answers👇🏻

How Long Does Shipping Take?

In general, domestic shipments should be in transit for 4-8 days

Generally, orders shipped internationally (countries other than the USA) are in transit for 7-13 days. 

Does ThePlantHalo Have A Timer?

At this time, the original PlantHalo does not have a timer built in, but theplanthalo PLUS  does! Along with many other desired features.

How Long Should I Keep It On For?

We recommend keeping ThePlantHalo on for 6-8 hour periods of time. But you should use ThePlantHalo based on your plant's specific needs.

How Long Is The Clear Stake?

The PlantHalo's included clear stake is about 10 Inches tall. 

You can now add on an extendable stake that extends to 30 inches tall, perfect for taller plants. Add desired products to cart and click "check out" to access this new stick option.

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