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ThePlantHalo PLUS is the SUPERCHARGED version of our award-winning grow light! 50 full spectrum LEDs, a razor accurate timer, & a MASSIVE coverage area makes THIS the best PlantHalo yet!

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The Biggest, Strongest, and most Powerful PlantHalo yet.

We designed the ALL NEW PlantHalo PLUS to be the most powerful PlantHalo yet, with 5 times the LEDs and 2 times the coverage area, ThePlantHalo PLUS is the most effective AND most aesthetically pleasing grow light ever made!

Grow TWICE the plants with ThePlantHalo PLUS

ThePlantHalo plus has 50 high output full-spectrum LEDs that provide DOUBLE the coverage area of the original PlantHalo! Grow double the plants with a single planthalo!

The most accurate timer on a PlantHalo yet.

We designed theplanthalo plus to be completely hands-off, simply set the timer to either 8, 12, or 16 hours, and it will acccurately switch on and off every single day. No intervention needed.

ThePlantHalo PLUS Comparison:

Here are all of the improvements:

💡 20 Inch stake out of the box!

💡 50 High output, Full Spectrum LEDs

📏 2x LARGER than 1.0, fits larger plants

⏱ Highly accurate 8,12,16 hour timer

🌸 Grow a large variety of plants, 2x more effectively than 1.0!

A 2 Minute Setup, for 4+ YEARS of happy growth.

Which color is best for my plants?

PINK: Better for Succulents & Carnivorous plants

SUNSHINE YELLOW: Better for Foliage Plants & all other plants.

1 Year Replacement Guaranteed Warranty!

If ThePlantHalo PLUS breaks, stops working or burns out, we'll send you a BRAND NEW one, free of charge for a year! Shop for your planthalo with piece of mind!

ThePlantHalo PLUS Specifications

Halo Diameter: 5"

Cord Length: 48"

Stake Length: 9" to 30" (adjustable)

LED Count: 50 Full Spectrum LEDs

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Does ThePlantHalo PLUS come with a longer stake?

YES! ThePlantHalo PLUS comes with a longer 20 inch stake in the box! 2 Times longer than ThePlantHalo 1.0!

Does ThePlantHalo PLUS Have A Timer?

Yep! ThePlantHalo PLUS has a built in 8, 12, and 16 hour timer! Simply set it and forget it!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

In general, domestic shipments should be in transit for 4-15 days

Generally, orders shipped internationally (countries other than the USA) are in transit for 7-15 days. 

How Long Should I Keep It On For?

We recommend keeping ThePlantHalo on for 6-8 hour periods of time. But you should use ThePlantHalo based on your plant's specific needs.