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There's a large pile of snow next to your window, and an elegant glass case in your warm living room, filled to the very top with plants, and they're thriving! Each of your plants has its personal light source, keep reading to find out how your indoor jungle will thrive this winter with ThePlantHalo 2.0…


Your Plants Will NEVER Need Natural Sunlight Ever Again.

ThePlantHalo 2.0 was found to be around 20% more effective than ThePlantHalo 1.0, resulting in a boost of plant growth by 50%! (vs no halo) Your plants will never need natural sunlight again. Guaranteed.

Here's theplanthalo 2.0 growing some lucky houseplants!

5,000 Hours Of light?

How About 8,000.

Buy theplanthalo 2.0 ONCE, and you'll be set for quite a long time, the only reason you'll return to our website is to buy more for your other shelf.

The Most Convenient Houseplant-growing Solution on the Market.

The plants in your bathroom & bookshelf don't ever get enough sunlight, don't spend hours of your valuable time setting up industrial-sized grow lights, just to make your plant display uglier, simply stick theplanthalo into your plants’ dirt, and your plants are set for a long, long time.



We've added a color and adjusted some of the existing ones since 1.0, here's a guide to help you understand which color is best for you.


  • Place Stake In Soil

  • Attach Halo To Top Of Stake

  • Plug In The USB

  • Click The Power Button,

    And Witness The Growth!


  A Mini FAQ

How Long Does Shipping Take?

In general, domestic shipments should be in transit for 4-15 days

Generally, orders shipped internationally (countries other than the USA) are in transit for 7-15 days. 

Does ThePlantHalo 2.0 Have A Timer?

Yes! ThePlantHalo 2.0 has a timer that has 3 different timing settings, 8 Hours, 12 Hours, and 16 Hours.

How Long Is The Cord?

ThePlantHalo 2.0s cord is about 4 feet long.

How Long Is The Clear Stake?

ThePlantHalo's clear stake is exactly 10 Inches tall.


  • Product Specifications
  • 3 Ways To Grow With ThePlantHalo
  • Shipping And Refunds

Halo Diameter

4 Inches

Stake Length

10 Inches (Extendable 30" stake available)

Power Source



Approx 8,000 Hours


600 - 1000



Color Spectrum

Full Spectrum LED

Spectrum Specifications

The Standard

Just Like it was meant to be - Stick the stake into your plant's dirt, and witness the growth!

The Shelf-Full

Forget the stake! I have a shelf full of plants! I'll just stick the halo to the top of my shelf!

The Mason Jar

Wanna grow an "aquarium" of plants? ThePlantHalo is here to light it up!

Shipping Times

Processing Period: Up to 3 days

Transit Time Domestically:

In general, domestic shipments are in transit for 4-15 days

Transit time Internationally:

Generally, orders shipped internationally are in transit for 7-15 days. 


We have a 14-day refund policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a refund.

To be eligible for a refund you’ll need to provide a valid claim & proof of said claim. You'll also need the receipt or proof of purchase.

List of valid claims:

  • Item never arrived
  • Item arrived broken
  • Item arrived defective
  • Item not delivered after 40 days

You can request to edit your order within 24 hours after order placement. (or before it is shipped)

You can request to cancel your order within 24 hours after order placement.

We CANNOT cancel orders after they are processed* We have a 14-day refund window after package arrival, valid refund claims are listed above.

Your Plant's Superpower.

Are you ready to be a better plant parent in 2022? ThePlantHalo 2.0 is here to help you become the best plant parent you can be. Click The ADD TO CART button to help your plants get more sunlight.
Top Rated

With over 18,000 customers and 1000+ 5 star reviews, it's one of the top rated grow lights in the industry.

It Works

Guaranteed to increase your plants' lifespan by 42%

5,000 Hours Of Light

The Plant Halo lasts 5,000 hours or more.